5 Reasons Why Your Start-up Needs an Office Space

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5 Reasons Why Your Start-up Needs an Office Space

Does a start-up really need an office space?
This is the question of most of the start-up owners who are working away from a dedicated office space. May be, they are working from their home office or the nearest coffee shop to deceive their mind to be working in a professional environment. Of course, with the free Wi-Fi facility provided in most of the coffee shops these days, small business owners think that they’ve found an alternative to be working in an office at a fixed desk all the day. But they seem to be forgetting some important benefits that a dedicated office space can offer to their business.

So, answer for the above question is definitely “Yes”.

Here are 5 reasons why entrepreneurs should think of providing an organized workspace for their employees.

1. Attracting talent

Office space can tell you the stature of a company; right from financial condition to the work principles. It says them all. When a company’s financial condition is not that great, it certainly reflects in its office space; nobody would spend heavily on office space décor when they are falling short of capital for the company developments.

It doesn’t just tell the stature but also attracts top talents to the company. Yes, there are many instances where top talents have chosen companies because of their splendid office spaces. This is the main reason most of the multinationals have a beautiful and swanky office space. They just want to be sure that the company they’ll be working for has a good name around.

2. Team-building

Nobody ever wants their company to be a start-up forever. They want to grow with time and flourish in their field.

But, is it possible for you to do it all alone?

Certainly not! You need a team to support you to achieve your goals, and where would you set them up if you hire a team? Would you want your employees to work from home too? A small and simple office space can be a solution for these problems. As told in the above point, it also makes it easy for you to attract top talents who could make a difference to your company.

3. Social Life

By putting your employees in a dedicated office space of your own, you are actually helping them have a great social life. Yes, there are many people for whom co-workers have been long time close friends. Your office space improves the social lives of the employees while also helping them to be supportive to each other in the assigned tasks, which ultimately benefits your company.

4. Accountability

Most entrepreneurs are in the misconception that having video conferencing tools like Google Hangout and Skype, they don’t really need to meet their employees in person at all. Of course, the tools are of great help, but at times, because of varying network or the latency issues, it would even take 10 – 15 minutes to simply hear and see each other.

Sometimes, idle or busy icon on the Google Chat window frustrates you to the extreme level. You will not know if the person is even there or roaming somewhere around! At the end of the day, it’s you who’s going to suffer the loss. But if they are at your office, you can closely monitor and get in touch with them as and when you need.

5. Exposure

Exposure to different skillsets, experiences and viewpoints is always healthy in the course of business. A dedicated office space ensures that your employees get more and more exposure in what they are doing, which is a great thing for their personal and professional growth.

Having these and many other benefits, securing an office space for your start-up is certainly a great decision as it represents your company. It is also the one of the significant expenses and requires a commitment of 3- 5 years. That can be a scary thought when you’re not sure where your company will be in the next 5 years. Also, the fear of getting into a wrong space and facing troubles later might be the reason for you to be still working from your home office.

But you can always get in touch with an illustrious commercial property management firm who can help you find an ideal office space. Commercial Office Bangalore exactly does that; we understand your requirements thoroughly and help you find an amazing office space that suits your business and budget.

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