5 Trends to Be Embraced To Create a Beautiful Environment for Employees!

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5 Trends to Be Embraced To Create a Beautiful Environment for Employees!

It‘s the common dream of most of the business owners that their employees must experience the perks at their office. It keeps the employees’ spirit up while helping them to be in the peak of their productivity levels. But for this to happen, business owners need to make sure that they go with the trend and provide employees a pleasant environment.

These days, it’s not just the desk and a hat rack that the employees look for; they expect a bit more than that. All that the firms need to do is to know what exactly can help them keep their employees happy, so that they can retain the top talents with them. Here are the 5 trends embracing which can help you create a favourable environment for your employees:

1. Agile Concept

Many large firms have already started adopting the agile plan design, and the strategy seems to have worked for them. As the modern workplace thrives on flexibility and collaboration, the spaces which are designed to work wherever the employees want offers a kind of flexibility; it gives them a feel of not being tied to a single place all the day.

With the available mobile technology and Wi-Fi, it’s not really necessary for your employees be in the same spot. Fact is that, people find themselves productive and healthier when they experience the change of scene. This trend also helps you in reducing the size of office space as the employees don’t need a fixed place to work.

With the modern workplace getting influenced by social minded generation, companies today are giving high preference for collaboration and flexibility. As the result we can now see many large firms that have employed the concept of agile working in India.

2. Lifestyle Amenities

As already told, the employees these days expect a bit more than just a workstation and space. If you want your employees feel that it’s fun coming to office, you will have to provide them with the amenities like coffee bars, comfort lounges, an outdoor space, etc. Few companies also offer the game rooms and fitness facilities as well.

Providing employees a little outdoor space, lounges and great food varieties have become most common strategies for the large firms to retain the efficient employees. When office becomes an enjoyable place, it definitely makes the employees feel coming for office is fun and increases their productivity as well. If you are looking for a new office space, considering this can surely help you make your employees happy.

3. Design and Architecture

The design and architecture of the workplace plays a very important role in creating a favourable environment for employees. Most of the employees now would not care about saying bye to traditional cubicles as they have variety of trendy and flexible design options out there. The companies are also trying to make the employees feel proud about their office by employing the suggestions of designers and architects to make the spaces noteworthy.

Along with the design, infrastructure must also be a high priority for the companies. Infrastructure comprises high-performance telecommunications, adequate bandwidth, well placed access points and so on. These days, tenants are also looking out for the buildings adopted with smart technology which allows automatic management of systems and security.

4. Pedestrian-Friendly Area

In the cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai and other metropolitan areas, people are so disgruntled with the hectic traffic and they wish to be in a calm and pedestrian-friendly area when it comes to office space. They also appreciate the health benefits they get when they walk to nearest coffee shop or a restaurant; it is also a reason for employees wanting their office in a pedestrian-friendly location.

Not just the pedestrian friendliness, companies can think of adopting the smart technology which can enhance energy efficiency. This has been the main reason most of the companies prefer to lease LEED certified space these days; they see energy conservation as a part of cost savings as well as the reputation. These considerations will certainly have a positive impact on the productivity levels of employees.

5. Green Building Practices

Green building practices creates a healthy work environment for employees while also saving significant costs and energy. People today are aware of significance of energy conservation because of which they are doing their part to conserve energy. Things like smart climate control systems, energy efficient lights and recycling program can be a part of modern offices.

Flexibility and efficiency seems to be the hot trend in the on-going year which is why most of the companies today are considering it as a high-priority while designing the workspace for employees. They will have to consider it if they don’t want their employees to leave the company because of the boring office space.

Just because it’s trending, we can’t employ a few things even if they do not serve the purpose. Just analyse the pros and cons of the plan, and see if it can help your employees be lively. Because, adopting something which doesn’t suit you can impact your business heavily and it also takes huge amount of time to get out of it.

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