6 Crucial Aspects to Consider While Choosing First Office Space for Your Start-Up

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6 Crucial Aspects to Consider While Choosing First Office Space for Your Start-Up

How cautious should you be while choosing your first office space? Very much indeed!
Moving from home office to office space is the crucial phase for any business that making one wrong move can have a very bad impact on the business. So, choosing an ideal office space for the business becomes very important especially when it is your first office.

Here are a few crucial things considering which makes your shift from home office to office space effortless.

1. How to Start?

The very first step is to ask this question yourself. Yes, how would you start your search for office space?

Planning is the most important thing when you are making any crucial decision. Moving into an office space is one such crucial step that requires lot of planning. You must clearly define your business goals, evaluate future growth, estimate space requirements, think of employee perks, and plan up the time and budget.

Having all these planned will give you clear idea of what kind of space you need to set up your office making it easy for you to choose the space.

2. When to Start?

Few start-ups just step into the market in search of office space when they want to make their move.

But before just jumping in, you need to understand that moving into an office space doesn’t just happen within a month. You’ll have to take into account several important factors like the space needed for your office, market condition, space availability, documentations, permits, and negotiation time and time to make some minor changes to suit your business.

So if you are looking for an office space less than 10000 sq. ft., it’s good to start your search six months prior to the desired move-in date. And if you are planning to make your move to the space above 10000 sq. ft., you need to consider at least 6-12 months search time.

3. Space Estimation

Before starting your search for office space, you need to know how much space you need. There are numerous office space planners available online; you can estimate the approximate space needed to accommodate your employees.

Earlier, the ideal space for an employee at office was 200-250 sq. ft. But now, it’s come down to 100-150 sq. ft. Have a headcount of employees for the expected term of lease and plan up the space accordingly. Also, make sure you keep in mind the future plans of expansion.

4. Available Options

After knowing the space needed to accommodate your employees, the next thing you’ll have to do is to evaluate the available options.

So, what are the options available to setup an office space for your start-up?

Shared offices, co-working space, sublease or a direct lease (dedicated office space) are a few options available. Which do you think suits the best? Also, the landlords would ask you for about five to seven years lease term. However, longer the term, more hold you’ll have over the office space.

5. Amenities

Once you choose the type of office space (shared, co-working, direct lease or whatever), next comes the amenities. What are the facilities you are looking for? Number of conference rooms, workstations, discussion rooms, manager cabins, Internet connection, pantry, washrooms, elevator, parking and building security; these are some common facilities one would look for.

Make sure you choose the right office that makes your employees happy.

6. Price:

Last but not the least, The Price!
As you are now a start-up, you have to be very concerned about the budget. Spending a lot in the zeal of providing an enjoyable workplace for employees should not affect your business. You need to know your limitations going beyond which you should think twice.

However, having a skilled commercial real estate agent to help you find an ideal office space is a smart move. They can negotiate on your behalf and help you get settled with an acceptable price, and that’s where their experience helps you.

You don’t have to be bothered to find an agent; we are right here! Commercial Office Bangalore with its wide range of experience has helped many start-ups find the dream space for their business. Just know what you want and let us know about it. We’ll take care of the rest.

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