How Do You Choose the Right Commercial Real Estate Agent?

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How Do You Choose the Right Commercial Real Estate Agent?

What are things you would consider when you are planning to lease or rent a commercial property?
Location, size, design, cost, infrastructure and a great environment!
Is that all?
Didn’t you miss the most important thing that can help you achieve all these?
Wondering what?

It’s nothing but the right commercial real estate agent who can help you find an ideal property that suits your business requirements. Don’t you think so? Choosing the right real estate agent can almost eliminate your need to worry about other things mentioned above, as they make it their sole responsibility and put you up in an ideal commercial place. But how do you choose the right one for you?

Here are a few things you can consider.

1. Experience does matter

Whichever might be the field, one would give the best when he/she knows the field well. Same is the case of real estate agents; just see for how long they’ve been in the field of real estate.

Of course, there are a few firms who have been in the part-time real estate business. You must be able to find the difference between a part-time and a full time real estate agent, as the part-time agents might not be able to provide you the service that a full time real estate agent can render you.

2. Which geographical areas can they handle?

What’s the use of choosing an agent who operates in Delhi, when you are looking out for an office space in Bangalore?

Is there any use?

Just because they are popular in one particular area, it doesn’t mean they can give you best anywhere in the world. You need to know their boundaries out of which they can’t perform well. You need to make sure that the agent is knowledgeable about the area in which you are planning to lease or rent a commercial space.

3. Word of mouth

This is one of the easiest ways to find the right agent as no other sources can be trusted as much as we can trust the word of mouth. People mention something only when it’s worth mentioning. It’s not really easy to reach that state of people talking about an agency, but if they are doing, it’s probably because of their service.

In today’s digital world, the branding is something we can trust upon as it’s similar to word of mouth. You need to check if the agent has good web presence and brand value.

4. Whom do they represent?

It’s really important for you to know whom does the agent normally represent. It’s quite obvious that the agents always try to be in favour of whom they are representing.

If you are the buyer, make sure that the agent represents you in the transaction being in favour of you. It’s not really acceptable that a real estate agent can be unbiased in a transaction while representing both the parties.

5. Talk to their previous clients

Along with the interviewing of potential real estate agents, you can also talk to their previous clients for reference. They in fact can give you a clear picture of how useful or useless the agent can be for you. By doing this, you can also have an idea of how much they would charge you as commission to find a commercial space in your preferred location.

Testimonials on their website can also help you understand the credibility of a service provider. However, the testimonials might not be genuine always, so you need to check the authenticity in your own ways.

These are a few tips for you to choose the right commercial real estate agent to find an ideal office space for you. Commercial Office Bangalore is one such property management firm with several years of experience in real estate. Our professionals understand your business requirements clearly and help you find the best office space that suits your business type.

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