How to Build an Agile Workplace Which Actually Works?

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How to Build an Agile Workplace Which Actually Works?

Agile is today’s business buzzword. It’s quite popular in IT industry and now getting attention in commercial real estate too. The agile workplace can be defined as a flexible and productive work environment.

Agile working is all about providing complete freedom and flexibility to the employees so that they can work anywhere and anytime in the office. By adopting agile workplace an employer can focus more on employee’s actual work rather than which department they are working in.

Benefits of having an Agile Workplace

A completely developed agile workplace improves the way you do your business. Here are few benefits of having an Agile Workplace:

Attract and retain the best employees:

Agile workplaces are best to attract new talents and retain them too. Motivating workspaces are great in showing employees that they are valued and the company cares about them. It helps them to enjoy their work and stay longer.

Full utilization of Workspace:

An under-utilized office never works for the employer as well as employees. Agile working environments are cost effective as every sqft of office space is utilized by the employees in some ways.

Productivity and efficiency increased:

It’s really necessary for an office to motivate their employees and make them feel energized. Great office designs play an important role in this. It makes employees morale high and elevates productivity.

Good for the environment:

Every organization should think about the environment as well. Designing an agile workspace gives you an opportunity to create a greener office space. It certainly helps in reducing company’s carbon footprints.

Innovation at its best:

In an agile work environment, employees are given an environment where they can freely choose where to work and when to work. It helps them to think freely and resulting in innovations from them.

How to create an agile workspace which really functions?

A lot of organizations are trying to create better, faster and cheaper business models these days. Embracing Agile Workplace is one such step towards this.

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Here are few suggestions for creating an agile workplace which actually works:

Set clear objectives:

Agility always succeeds on settings which allow for instant work production. The management should provide clear objectives and goals that teams will meet on a specified date. This kind of work setup shares responsibilities and accountabilities to a larger group of workers.

Try to view the workspace with your employee’s lenses:

If you want to provide a great and productive office space to your employees then you must know what they expect from it. As a business owner, you might think that absence of a wall is a symbol of open office culture but it can be a symbol of lots of noises for your employees. So you have to see the workplace through the eyes of your employees to properly understand the pros and cons of everything.

Authorize your employees to take decisions:

Collaboration is the best tool to be productive in the workplace. If your employees have to check always with the supervisors for reaching a decisive point then you are sitting at the old work environment. It’s high time to empower your employees to make decisions by collaborating with each other.

Provide necessary equipment for agility:

In an agile workspace, the employee should be free to do the needed work from anywhere in the office or even outside the office. To provide this open culture it needs a lot of equipment like hardware, software etc. As a business owner or facility manager, it’s your job to ensure that every employee gets the needed equipment and facilities seamlessly.

If your current office doesn’t support the agile workspace then it’s the high time to start implementing it. If you are looking for an effective agile office space then please contact us. We at Commercial office Bangalore provide effective office spaces according to the business needs.

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