Top Reasons Why Telecommuting is Not Good for your Business

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Top Reasons Why Telecommuting is Not Good for your Business

Telecommuting has been increasingly popular these days with the advent of many start-ups which are carrying their operations out right from their home using technology.

What is telecommuting?

It’s nothing but remote working. The employees of a company can work outside the traditional office from wherever they are; may it be their home, a coffee shop, restaurant or anywhere where they have access to internet. Internet, webcams, faxes and other technological advancements have made it even easier for telecommuters to work from wherever they are.

But how good is telecommunicating for a business? Can employees work to their full potential when they’re working out of office?

Personally I don’t like running out to a coffee shop all the time when there arises a task to trick my mind to be working in an office to keep myself productive. I’m sure there are many others with me.

It’s not just about the productivity, but there are many other reasons why telecommuting is bad for a business.

Here are 4 other reasons for you to stop telecommuting.

1. No quick catch-ups

“Let’s have a quick catch-up”
This is the phrase that the employees hear quite often when they are working at office. It might be to discuss about the project, progress of the work, or the superiors might want to give employees a few suggestions on achieving the goals or whatever.

Leave aside the catch-ups with the manager, what about those small meetings, perks that employees wish to have?

We know that all the businesses start with a small idea and the best ideas usually strike during the casual discussions that start over a coffee or lunch. It’s very true that the entrepreneurial results after a small face-to-face meeting can never be matched by telecommuting.

2. No proper understanding

As we all know, execution of any business strategy will happen only when the employees clearly understand the goal and what their role in achieving it is.

But in telecommuting, employees will not have a proper understanding on what they are expected to do. They will not have a clear idea about the task they take up. They either have to get in touch with each other via a video call or arrange a quick meeting in some coffee shop or any other place to have a better understanding. And, if the team is big, it’s really difficult to get them all at a common place; so, having a webinar or a conference call will be the only way left to get in touch with each other.

3. Distractions everywhere

This is one of the main disadvantages of telecommuting that one has to deal with. Unlike office space, home or any other place you work in have plenty of things to distract you easily like television, radio, and kids.

Who doesn’t want to enjoy working at home? The distraction might simply start with your favourite scene or a song being telecasted on TV; you might just think of finishing it before you get back to work, but finally you may end up watching the program fully which kills your time as well as your mood to work.

4. Lack of supervision

Yet another issue most of the businesses have with telecommuting is the ability to supervise. The managers and executives will not be able to supervise employees as efficiently as they do at office.

The employers can’t be very sure that the employees are working for number of hours they are expected to work, which is really a risk for some businesses. It might also lead to the drop of quality in work.

So having a look at all these cons, do you still want to continue telecommuting? If yes, what do you think has made you stick to telecommuting? Is it the employees wish to work away from a traditional office? Or it’s just that you’re not able to find an office space that suits your company size, budget and business? If that’s the case, we’re here to help you with it.

Commercial Office Bangalore, a practiced property management firm has helped numerous start-ups and large enterprises find an office space within their budget. Just let us know your requirements; we’ll find an ideal office space for you. Start small and make it big.

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